[Bug 621] OpenSSL install locations generally unrecognized

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Thu Feb 19 19:04:49 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From ryanr at uchicago.edu  2004-02-19 20:04 -------
It does not, in fact, say this (at least not in mine, but I installed 0.9.7a;
maybe newer versions do).  What it does say is that the includes were placed in
include/openssl to avoid naming conflicts with headers in include, and I'm not
advocating smylinking them to headers in include.  I suggested that a directory
such as /usr/share/openssl be made with lib and include subdirectories that
contained links to the libs and headers, so that programs which, for some
reason, were unable to find these things because the includes were in
include/openssl, would be able to be directed to a single parent directory that
has the expected tree structure.

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