fontconfig.h and XFree86...what is the solution?

zoltan fmzoltan at
Mon Apr 26 21:48:49 PDT 2004

Thanks, you are right.  /usr/include/fontconfig/ does not exist, but 
then again, it doesn't exist on my lfs/blfs 4.0 system either, which is 
fully functional, and has been for quite some time...ages.

I also suspect fontconfig-2.2.1 as being the culprit, which is why I 
posted here, since BLFS-5.0 book says to use it...

But alas, I shall take my problems elsewhere...good bye cruel 
newsgroup... ;-)

DJ Lucas wrote:
> zoltan wrote:
>> Alright, look, I've for some clearer thoughts...
>> The problem that I'm seeing has a long history on for 
>> "fontconfig.h" in the search window on the main LFS site.  You will 
>> see the first find describe exactly the situation I've run into, error 
>> log and all (all 2048 or so pages of it).  And perhaps what vexed me 
>> is that despite half-a-dozen or so posts replying to Sebastiano and D 
>> J Lucas's posts, there is no actual solution, but nobody says so.
> Although the wrong list, I'll answer anyways since you seem to be so 
> frustrated.  But next time I'll not be so nice! ;-)
>  > xftint.h:29:35: fontconfig/fontconfig.h: No such file or directory
> Is this the first error?  I never had this problem, but if it is the 
> first error in the build, my original reply stands.  Does 
> /usr/include/fontconfig/fontconfig.h exist?  The very first error is 
> almost indefinately the source of the problem.  Solution is probably to 
> re-install fontconfig as the make install probably failed and the 
> headers weren't installed as expected.  Also start with a clean xc/ 
> tree, and without optimizations.  Also, your posts will get much more 
> attention on blfs-support than here.  Generally only editors and 
> contributors hang out and watch the book list.
> -- DJ Lucas

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