fontconfig.h and XFree86...what is the solution?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Apr 26 21:46:39 PDT 2004

zoltan wrote:

> Oh xcursorgen can't be found...
> So XFree86. appears to compile just fine, at least gets through 
> to the end.
> But like with the fontconfig.h problem, "make install" fails on 
> XFree86-, this time, alleging that xcursorgen can't be found, 
> though it was built rather successfully...
> I am following BLFS-5.0 on the heels of LFS-5.0...haven't had any 
> troubles before...using ezpat, freetype, and XFee86-native fontconfig... 

A couple of thing first.
1.  Please don't top post on the lfs mailing lists.
2.  You probably can get better support on blfs-support.  This list is 
for the development of the book.

Many people have built X successfully.  Errors are usually traced to 
missing a step somewhere in LFS or in one of the prereq packages.

Look through the compile log for *** strings to make sure you don't have 

Delete the xc directory and re-extract
Try building XFree86 with no host.def file.  It will use all the defaults. 

  -- Bruce

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