fontconfig.h and XFree86...what is the solution?

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Apr 26 20:43:32 PDT 2004

zoltan wrote:
> Alright, look, I've for some clearer thoughts...
> The problem that I'm seeing has a long history on for 
> "fontconfig.h" in the search window on the main LFS site.  You will see 
> the first find describe exactly the situation I've run into, error log 
> and all (all 2048 or so pages of it).  And perhaps what vexed me is that 
> despite half-a-dozen or so posts replying to Sebastiano and D J Lucas's 
> posts, there is no actual solution, but nobody says so.
Although the wrong list, I'll answer anyways since you seem to be so 
frustrated.  But next time I'll not be so nice! ;-)

 > xftint.h:29:35: fontconfig/fontconfig.h: No such file or directory

Is this the first error?  I never had this problem, but if it is the 
first error in the build, my original reply stands.  Does 
/usr/include/fontconfig/fontconfig.h exist?  The very first error is 
almost indefinately the source of the problem.  Solution is probably to 
re-install fontconfig as the make install probably failed and the 
headers weren't installed as expected.  Also start with a clean xc/ 
tree, and without optimizations.  Also, your posts will get much more 
attention on blfs-support than here.  Generally only editors and 
contributors hang out and watch the book list.

-- DJ Lucas

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