fontconfig.h and XFree86...what is the solution?

zoltan fmzoltan at
Mon Apr 26 20:25:45 PDT 2004

Excuse my directness, but I read a lot of useless philosophical drivel 
about what should/should not happen if/when

#define HasFontconfig YES

is put in the host.def file for building XFree86- with the 
fontconfig-2.2.1 and freetype-2.1.5 as described in the BLFS-5.0 book.

Now, whether or not

WORLDOPTS="" make ...

is worse than

make WORLDOPTS="" ...

because one stops at the first error which may/may not have scrolled out 
of your xterm buffer is something I'll care about in an after-life, but 
for now, all I want to know is what's the solution?

Flame me all you want, because right now, all I care about is getting 
the damned thing to build (XFree86-

The cause of my frustration (what, me worry :-) ) is simply that 
BLFS-5.0 adds the

#define HasFontconfig YES

to the host.def file, which is the root of all evil, as in, things 
worked fine before.  And yes, I did install expat, freetype, and 
fontconfig PRIOR to building XFree86...and then this crap about 'does it 
stop scrolling at the first error...blah blah blah..." on the archive 

Now you can see why linux hasn't appealed to the profiteers...for better 
or for worse.  Philosophy isn't profitable.  Businessmen need solutions, 
not useless philosophical drivel.  And, yes, thanks Tushar, for the 
patch to freetype-2.1.7, but BLFS-5.0 uses 2.1.5!  Can we say malformed 
patch error...?  Oh well, that was a long-shot anyway...

So shall we just stick a fork in fontconfig-2.1.5, or did I burn too 
many bridges...?


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