cvs commit: BLFS/BOOK/pst/sgml/docbook-dsssldocbook-dsssl-config.xml docbook-dsssl-exp.xmldocbook-dsssl-inst.xml

Larry Lawrence larry at
Wed Apr 21 05:42:03 PDT 2004

>   -<para><option>--disable-gtk-doc</option>: This switch will prevent
>   -the rebuilding of the <acronym>API</acronym> documentation during the
>   -<command>make</command> command.</para>
>   +<para><option>--disable-gtk-doc</option>: This switch will prevent the
>   +rebuilding of the <acronym>API</acronym> documentation (which is broken
>   +at the current state) during the <command>make</command>
>    </sect2>
>   -
I like this addition. There has been a couple in each of the last releases.


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