cvs commit: BLFS/BOOK/stylesheets blfs-tex.xsl macana at
Wed Apr 14 10:31:48 PDT 2004

El Mar 13 Abr 2004 22:03 Larry Lawrence escrbió:

> I worked with it trying to get an easy XML to TeX transformation so the book
> wouldn't be maintained in both formats.  It wasn't good enough for Gerard,
> but I kept it around and played with it.  The PDF's that I generated used
> this, but it has been a while since we had one available online.
> blfs-tex.xsl main purpose was to insert /frontmatter, /tableofcontents and
> /endmatter into the transformation.  TOC wasn't working, so I took it out
> for now.

Look good enought to play with it. When I close my current opens bugs for the 
XHTML and PDF stylesheets, I will look in deep this stuff for see if I can do 
something to revolve this issues.

As a side note, if you are migrating the BLFS book to XSL transformations, think 
in add the xml and encoding declaration to all the *.xml and *.ent files, to 
make easy the live of the translators ;-)

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