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   sufficient to run <application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> 1.4 applications included in this book. The
   order of the pages are meant to follow the build order defined by the
   GNOME development team as published in the <ulink
  -url=";/notes/rninstallation.html">release notes</ulink>,
  -with some additional packages added to satisfy some dependencies.</para>
  +url=";/notes/rninstallation.html">release notes</ulink>.</para>
   <para>The installation of <application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application>-&gnome-version; is a large undertaking and one we would
   like to see you complete with the least amount of stress. One
  @@ -20,13 +19,17 @@
   use that and an Environment variable (<envar>GNOME_PREFIX</envar>) to add flexibility to 
   the install.</para>
  -<para>If you know that you want
  -<application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> as your desktop, it is recommended that
  +<para>To install 
  +<application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> as a desktop
  +alternative, it is recommended that
   you install with --prefix=/usr. If you are not sure that you are going
  -to keep <application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> on your installation, it is recommended that you install with 
  +to keep <application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> on your
  +installation, you may install with 
   --prefix=/opt/gnome-&gnome-version;.  Setting the Environment variable and the
   additional edits required by the second option are covered on the
  -pre-installation page.</para>
  +pre-installation page. Since
  +<application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> has matured,
  +installing with --prefix=/usr is the preferable approach.</para>
   <para>If you choose the second option, removal of
   <application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application>-&gnome-version; is as easy

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