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Thu Jun 19 06:01:43 PDT 2003

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> wrote:
> >El Mié 18 Jun 2003 16:43 Bruce Dubbs escrbió:
> >>Larry,
> >>  Is there any particular reason you chnaged the header to a list?  I
> >>looked at the result and it seems harder to pick out the information
> >>this way.  The previous presentation, highlighted and preformatted,
> >>seems to me to convey critical information faster.  Also, the old way is
> >>also similar to LFS.
> >>  -- Bruce
> >See this for many good reasons:
> >
> If what you mean is that the URLs are not complete in the pdf versions
> of the book, then I think that there are better methods than an itemized
> list.  For instance, a simple return to make the URL stand alone on a
> line will work.  That would handle URLs of 95 characters or so.
>   -- Bruce

Mark set out last year to find a more flexible intro, then developed the one
being implemented after discussions on blfs-dev.  It was suppose to be
implemented in Version 1.0. Earlier this spring, I was playing with
docbook-to-latex conversions to build a better pdf file.  The intro was the
biggest problem until I substituted Mark's version.

I am satisfied that it is the right way to go on the project for now.  The
negatives with this approach usually concern the amount of whitespace and
readability, both hopefully can be improved upon as we become more familiar
with docbook or when we convert to lfs-xml markup.


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