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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Jun 18 07:43:38 PDT 2003

larry at wrote:

>larry       03/06/17 21:21:47
>  Modified:    BOOK/general/genlib/expat expat-desc.xml expat-inst.xml
>                        expat-intro.xml expat.ent
>               BOOK/introduction/welcome changelog.xml
>  Log:
>  update expat intro
>   <title>Introduction to expat</title>
>  -<screen>Download location (HTTP):       <ulink url="&expat-download-http;"/>
>  -Version used:                   &expat-version;
>  -Package size:                   &expat-size;
>  -Estimated Disk space required:  &expat-buildsize;
>  -Estimated build time:           &expat-time;</screen>
>  -
>   <para>The expat package contains a stream oriented C library for
>   parsing XML.</para>
>  -<para>Download the patch for expat from <ulink url="&hfile-root;"/>.</para>
>  +<sect3><title>Package information</title>
>  +<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
>  +<listitem><para>Download (HTTP): <ulink url="&expat-download-http;"/></para></listitem>
>  +<listitem><para>Download (FTP): <ulink url="&expat-download-ftp;"/></para></listitem>
>  +<listitem><para>Download size: &expat-size;</para></listitem>
>  +<listitem><para>Estimated Disk space required: &expat-buildsize;</para></listitem>
>  +<listitem><para>Estimated build time: &expat-time;</para></listitem></itemizedlist></sect3>
>  +<sect3><title>Additional downloads</title>
>  +<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
>  +<listitem><para>Required Patch: <ulink url="&hfile-root;/expat-&expat-version;.patch"/></para></listitem></itemizedlist></sect3>

  Is there any particular reason you chnaged the header to a list?  I 
looked at the result and it seems harder to pick out the information 
this way.  The previous presentation, highlighted and preformatted, 
seems to me to convey critical information faster.  Also, the old way is 
also similar to LFS.
  -- Bruce

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