[fmII] CVS 1.11.6 released (Default branch)

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Sun Jul 13 03:38:32 PDT 2003

This email is to inform you about the release of version '1.11.6' of 'CVS'
through freshmeat.net. All URLs and other useful information can be found


The changes in this release are as follows:
In this version, a warning message is issued if an  admin file
contains more than one DEFAULT entry. Error  running a verifymsg
script (such as referencing an  unset user variable or the script not
existing) now  causes the verification to fail. Errors in admin files
 commands (like unset user variables) are no longer  reported unless
the command is actually executed. The  Checkin.prog and Update.prog
features have been  removed. This previously allowed executables to
be  specified in the modules file to be run at update and  checkin
time, but users could edit these files on a per  workspace basis,
creating a security hole. 

Project description:
CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep old versions
of files (usually source code), keep a log of who, when, and why
changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. Unlike the simpler systems,
CVS does not just operate on one file at a time or one directory at a
time, but operates on hierarchical collections of directories
consisting of version controlled files. CVS helps to manage releases
and to control the concurrent editing of source files among multiple
authors. CVS allows triggers to enable/log/control various operations
and works well over a wide area network. 

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