GNOME-1.4.txt -- updated again

Scot Mc Pherson behomet at
Sat Jun 29 19:42:18 PDT 2002

sorry I meant that to go to

"Scot Mc Pherson" <scot at> wrote in message
news:pan.2002. at
> Cleaned it up quite a bit...nothing was broken, just updated all packages
> to the latest stable, polished it so its consistent and I also added
> global optimizations for all packages that can be easily optimized
> without manual editting of Makefiles.  I think 3 or 4 packages aren't
> optimized. The changllog still needs to be updated, and I will get to
> that tonight.
> Find gnome-1.4.txt and the updated GNOME-patches.tar.bz2 at:
> Another update will be forthcoming in a few days.
> Scot Mc Pherson

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