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  +<listitem><para>June 22, 2002 [larry]: Chapter 20 - Added kernel
  +configuration and additional reading links to
   <listitem><para>June 21, 2002 [larry]: Chapter 04 - Added
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   <?dbhtml filename="intro.html" dir="chapter20"?>
  -<para>This chapter contains information on CD writing in Linux.  At the
  -moment, there are two basic packages listed with little extra information
  -but over time we hope to expand the chapter to provide a good grounding
  -in the tools used for CD writing.  As usual, any submissions are
  +<para>This chapter contains information on CD writing in Linux.</para>
  +<para>Additional sources of information include:</para>
  +<listitem><para><ulink url="">CD-Writing
  +<listitem><para><ulink url="">CD-Recordable
  +<para>As usual, any additional submissions are welcome.</para>
   <para>Here is a complete list of what is included in this
  1.1                  BLFS/BOOK/chapter20/cdkernel.xml
  Index: cdkernel.xml
  <para>Updating the Kernel</para>
  <para>In the kernel configuration, check your settings with those listed
  below for your CD-ROM interface type:</para>
  <para>SCSI CD-writer:</para>
  SCSI support menu
    SCSI support:           Y or M
    SCSI CD-ROM support:    Y or M
    SCSI generic support:   Y or M
    Vendor-specific extensions:  Y
  Also include the low-level driver for your SCSI card if
  <para>IDE CD-writer:</para>
  ATA/IDE/MFM/RLL support menu
    IDE/ATAPI CDROM support:     N
    SCSI emulation support: Y or M
  SCSI support menu
    SCSI support:           Y or M
    SCSI CD-ROM support:    Y or M
    SCSI generic support:   Y or M
    Vendor-specific extensions:  Y</screen>
  <para>If necessary, recompile the kernel with
  <screen>make dep &&
  make bzImage&&
  make modules &&
  make modules_install</screen>
  Copy <filename>/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage</filename> and
  <filename>/usr/src/linux/</filename> to
  <filename>/boot</filename>, edit <filename>/etc/lilo.conf</filename>
  appropriately and run <userinput>lilo</userinput>.
  <para>For more information about these settings and the drivers they
  install, read <ulink
  url="">The Linux 2.4
  SCSI subsystem HOWTO</ulink>.</para>
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