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Fri Jun 21 14:16:47 PDT 2002

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:06:08 -0400, James Iwanek wrote:

> this would be correct yes.
> sorry im taking so long - i was going to test it - but my PC's had a few
> issues with its memory (fixed now) - ill skip the testing for now and
> try to convert as quickly as possible (sorry guys)
> -----
> Jay
> ps: scot, are you up for helping out with the maintanence of this
> chapter when ive got it in to the book?

Hey no, I am sorry, I didn't realize it was such an issue.  I have been
working with a few others to make sure the "hint" works. If it needs to
be integrated, I understand that, and I can do that. Though I hadn't been
focusing on blfs as I said once before.

I appoligize if I seemed impatient, it wasn't for me that I was
concerned, just didn't want user to get frustrated because I neglected to
include some critical things.

The "hint" has been tested from front to back by thrid parties who have
the benefit of not knwoing what to do before they do it (IOW they didn't
write the hint and go through all the troublehsooting) so I was able to
get some feedback saying, "hey this doesn't work" and I say, "hey did you
do xyz?" they say "hey where is that". I say "Ooops, its fixed now"

FWIW I am currently working on updating the packages yet again since as I
said in GNOME-1.4.txt the packages are current as of 2 months ago. That
info will probably be finished within a couple of days as I test it on my
new fast athlon900 (fast for me) a few times.

Scot Mc Pherson
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