cvs commit: BLFS/BOOK/multimedia/libdriv/ogg libvorbis-intro.xml

Mark Hymers markh at
Mon Jul 22 15:31:06 PDT 2002

On Sat, 20, Jul, 2002 at 10:59:46AM -0700, Larry Lawrence spoke thus..
>   -<!ENTITY vorbistools-version "1.0rc3">
>   +<!ENTITY vorbistools-version "1.0">

Crap - how did I miss that!?!  Well spotted.

>   -<screen>libvorbis depends on <xref linkend="libogg"/></screen>
>   +<screen>libvorbis depends on:
>   +<xref linkend="libogg"/></screen>

I don't think this is right though - shouldn't it still be all on one
line? (It's in a screen tag so will split otherwise)


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