[Bug 51] qt-3.0.5

Davy Brion davy.brion at pandora.be
Wed Jul 17 08:16:46 PDT 2002

on Wednesday 17 July 2002 17:40, James Iwanek wrote:
> let me guess you installed qt-3.0.5 into the same directory as
> qt-3.0.4.... ahh well - we all learn what symlinks are for
> eventually ;-) i dont seem to have any problem at all here -
> ./configure
> --prefix=/opt/qt305 {blahblah}
> make && make install
> rm /opt/qt && ln -s /opt/qt305 /opt/qt

as a matter of fact i didn't
i always have /usr/local/qt as a symlink which usually points to 

please check out this document right here: 

especially this line: "As a result of this change, NO plugins compiled 
with Qt 3.0.4 and earlier can be loaded by Qt 3.0.5 and later. ALL 
plugins must be recompiled to be loaded by 3.0.5 and later. "

perhaps u can explain why ur system for some magical reason is _not_ 
affected by this even though the QT guys themselves say u _should_ be 
affected by it?
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