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Tue Dec 31 03:03:01 PST 2002

On 30.12.02 13:50 -0800, Matt Rogers wrote:
>  alex at wrote:
> Hello, BLFS developers!I just finished my work on the
> postscript-related programs. See the patchattached.
> Sorry that I didn't split it, but this shouldn't be
> too hard.My next submission should be on CUPS,
> foomatic, and gimp-print. I'll try to split these
> patches.gv and lprNG should be written by someone
> else. I could write the Scanningsection instead
> (including OCR software). Btw., do digital camera
> softwarego to the same section?And I found a BUG!
> cdrdao-1.1.7 no longer depends on pccts-133mr33!
> Youbetter fix that :-)If I don't submit that printing
> stuff tomorrow, happy new year!
> Alex Kloss (LX)
> I feel inclined to point out that I have the
> ghostscript bug in the BLFS bugzilla page and was
> working on the ghostscript part of the book. Bruce
> Dubbs has the CUPS bug. Maybe you should check with
> the owners of the bug before writing the section for
> it? Obviously, if there's not a bug for it, then it's
> fair game.  
> Alex, this doesn't mean that i don't appreciate the
> work that you've done (cause it's good work), only
> that you should be respectful of work that other
> people have taken for themselves.
> --
> Matt
The fact that I wasn't there when you parted the work under
yourselves should keep me from transferring the knowledge that
I've gained writing stuff like the CUPS printing hint to BLFS?

If you want it like that, this should be my last contribution.
Especially because in the last 2-3 months, nothing happened to
the pst section related to Postscript or Printing, so excuse me
if I didn't check bugzilla before writing what I already knew
(Of course I had to check the actual versions). Actually, I've
announced to work on that sections without anyone warning me that
they were already "taken".

Since you appreciate my work, I suggest you use the work that
you've already done on the ghostscript section to refine what I
wrote, since using the best of everything is best Open Source

You'll recognize that I've circumented the "gs/cups" problem by
not using GNU Ghostscript. I wasn't easy with this choice because
ESP ghostscript can be a cleaner solution when you want to use
CUPS. In that matter, it could be helpful to split the Ghostscript
section: 1. declare why and what for there are different Ghost-
script flavours and 2. explain how to install them.

I'm a bit uneasy with the idea that I should take the leftovers
instead of playing to my strenghts. But I'm happy to work with
others that are interested in the same topic. So I'll check the
bugzilla on the sections I intend to write to ask the persons who
"claimed" those "bugs" (missing sections) if they want to work
with me.

I've already arranged very well with Larry in surpassing each
other to improve the MPlayer section.
Almost the same is true for the Alsa section, which Mark and I wrote
together (I plan some upgrades on that section, too).

If you're interested in working together with me on the Ghostscript
section, I'll very happyly send you my mindshare :-)

Since no bug is already assigned on the Scanning section, I'll make
an entry in bugzilla for that... Bug #270.

I'll ask bruce if he wants to work together with me on that CUPS
section, otherwise I'll concentrate on the scanning section.

Happy new year

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