Ghostscript, a2ps, enscript, gsview, psutils, xpdf, Acrobat Reader

Matt Rogers mattrogers at
Mon Dec 30 13:50:04 PST 2002

 alex at wrote:
Hello, BLFS developers!I just finished my work on the
postscript-related programs. See the patchattached.
Sorry that I didn't split it, but this shouldn't be
too hard.My next submission should be on CUPS,
foomatic, and gimp-print. I'll try to split these
patches.gv and lprNG should be written by someone
else. I could write the Scanningsection instead
(including OCR software). Btw., do digital camera
softwarego to the same section?And I found a BUG!
cdrdao-1.1.7 no longer depends on pccts-133mr33!
Youbetter fix that :-)If I don't submit that printing
stuff tomorrow, happy new year!

Alex Kloss (LX)

I feel inclined to point out that I have the
ghostscript bug in the BLFS bugzilla page and was
working on the ghostscript part of the book. Bruce
Dubbs has the CUPS bug. Maybe you should check with
the owners of the bug before writing the section for
it? Obviously, if there's not a bug for it, then it's
fair game.  

Alex, this doesn't mean that i don't appreciate the
work that you've done (cause it's good work), only
that you should be respectful of work that other
people have taken for themselves.


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