Updates mplayer/transcode; Future plans for my work on BLFS

Larry larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Dec 14 06:58:18 PST 2002

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 03:07:12PM +0100, alex at 22-music.com wrote:
> Hello, BLFS-developers!
> I still want to be an BLFS-editor, too. My assumption is you need to write
> enough reasonable stuff until you're granted CVS access.
> 1. You'll find my updates for mplayer and a whole new section on transcode
> attached (it's necessary to put the files I submitted earlier into CVS for
> these patches to work, they build fine for me).

I will be reviewing the files this weekend, pre-1.0 packages are set to
what you see in the CVS with placeholders. I'll check against the
archives to see what was decided about each package and will write up
something in blfs-dev to get the other editors opinions.
> 2. My future plans for my work on BLFS - I want to write a lot more stuff,
> provided that you want me to. I know a bit more about audio/video software
> than already available in BLFS, and I could write the sections about Prin-
> ting/Scanning/OCR. Sections I want to write soon:
>  - xpdf
Yes, I want to put this in the new Postscript chapter
>  - pcmcia
>  - Image Magick
>  - libdvdnav
>  - timidity

> That leads me to the following questions: Who decides what's put into BLFS
> and what not? Is there something like an inofficial Wishlist? Who decides
> where to put what section?

Most of the descisions were made last summer when we restructured the
book as a group. Right now, we are in a hold for new packages at the
request of the Editor.

> 3. There are more Questions about BLFS:
>  - In "Organization" the "Part"-Headers aren't linked to the parts, which
>    I think is a bit impractical.

I don't think it was meant to be a TOC.

>  - KDE and Gnome have a single Part each. Why not make a Part "Desktop
>    Environments" (in case, there'll be additions, maybe enlightenment or
>    xfce will become one once)?

The parts have more to do with the complexity, not there importance or

>  - Is an "emulator" section (dosemu, wine, plex86, bochs) wanted and if
>    yes, where to put it?

Not a lot of request for these, but I think they will be included in
later editions.

>  - Shouldn't there be something on advanced kernel configuration in BLFS?

Kernel configuration is generally discussed on as needed and as brief as

>  - Why is rep-gtk in "General Utilities" instead of "Graphic Libraries"?

rep-gtk is a utility, it gives lisp the capability to communicate with

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