Updates mplayer/transcode; Future plans for my work on BLFS

alex at 22-music.com alex at 22-music.com
Sat Dec 14 06:07:12 PST 2002

Hello, BLFS-developers!

I still want to be an BLFS-editor, too. My assumption is you need to write
enough reasonable stuff until you're granted CVS access.

1. You'll find my updates for mplayer and a whole new section on transcode
attached (it's necessary to put the files I submitted earlier into CVS for
these patches to work, they build fine for me).

2. My future plans for my work on BLFS - I want to write a lot more stuff,
provided that you want me to. I know a bit more about audio/video software
than already available in BLFS, and I could write the sections about Prin-
ting/Scanning/OCR. Sections I want to write soon:
 - xpdf
 - pcmcia
 - Image Magick
 - libdvdnav
 - timidity
That leads me to the following questions: Who decides what's put into BLFS
and what not? Is there something like an inofficial Wishlist? Who decides
where to put what section?

3. There are more Questions about BLFS:
 - In "Organization" the "Part"-Headers aren't linked to the parts, which
   I think is a bit impractical.
 - KDE and Gnome have a single Part each. Why not make a Part "Desktop
   Environments" (in case, there'll be additions, maybe enlightenment or
   xfce will become one once)?
 - Is an "emulator" section (dosemu, wine, plex86, bochs) wanted and if
   yes, where to put it?
 - Shouldn't there be something on advanced kernel configuration in BLFS?
 - Why is rep-gtk in "General Utilities" instead of "Graphic Libraries"?
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