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James Robertson jameswrobertson at
Thu Dec 12 15:59:41 PST 2002

>> James Robertson Wrote...
>> Cool, thanks.  it works now.  Are there any other pages you need work
>> done
>> on?

> Mark Hymers Wrote...
> Hmm, any empty page basically.
> Chapter 01 - Asking for help and the FAQ.  Things about how to ask for
> help (the LFS etiquette guidelines might be helpful here:
l )

This link does not work.  I went to the 2002/08 folder and see all August
and did not find any threads talking about a FAQ for help.

> Chapter 04 - Nessus, Tripwire, Configuring syslog
> They are a couple that have needed doing for a while.
> Don't take that as gospel though, go where your interests lead you - and
> just because a page is written doesn't mean that we don't accept changes
> and enhancements to it!
> Basically, anything which enhances the book is great by me :-)

I went into BugZilla to see what was new or unassigned.  I found Bugs 41,
and 45.  Bug 41 is for the /etc/skel directory and 45 is for enhanced bash
completion.  I want to take these on for starters.  45 could be considered
a tie or dependency to bug 236.  41 would require changes to some existing
pages to make sure that they all tie together and flow properly.  I did not
see a bug for the ch1 - asking for help page.  I want to do that one as

I think I also emailed you about escape sequences.  Is this something worth
while in the book?  It would allow a person to make a pretty cool
file or PS1 prompt.

What is the SOP for this kind of stuff?  Should I ask (bother) you before
assigning a bug to myself to work on?  What about creating new bugs for
work I want to do?

I am still learning this stuff as I go, so I don't think I am ready for the
ch 4 stuff yet.  Maybe configuring syslog if no one has taken it by the
time I do the other three.  Are there bugs for these items?  I did not see
them on my query.

I do a lot of this work from my place of employment.  Our corporate
firewall blocks the cvs port, so I can't get anything in your cvs via the
command line [and the security team is so anal, that they won't open the
port for me ;( ].  I have to use the web interface and am using RCS
If I want to work on a page that is owned by another person, how would you
recommend I work on it without being able to check it out from your cvs?
Or do I just create a bug, grab the latest version, make my changes, attach
a patch to the bug when I am done, and let you guys handle the merge.


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