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  +<listitem><para>December 9th, 2002 [markh]: Introduction: Wrote the
  +organisation page.</para></listitem>
   <listitem><para>December 9th, 2002 [markh]: Introduction: Apply Seth's
   mailing list patch (seen on lfs-dev).</para></listitem>
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   <para>This book is divided into the following parts.</para>
  +<sect2><title>Part I - Introduction</title>
  +<para>This part contains information which is essential to
  +the rest of the book.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part II - Post LFS Configuration and Extra Software</title>
  +<para>Here we introduce basic configuration and security issues.  We also
  +discuss a range of editors, filesystems and shells which aren't covered in
  +the main LFS book.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part III - General Libraries and Utilities</title>
  +<para>In this section we cover libraries which are often needed by the rest
  +of the book as well as system utilities.  Information on Programming
  +(including recompiling gcc to support its full range of languages) concludes
  +this part.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part IV - Connecting to a Network</title>
  +<para>Here we cover how to connect to a network when you aren't using 
  +the simple static IP setup given in the main LFS book.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part V - Basic Networking</title>
  +<para>Networking libraries and command line networking tools make up the
  +bulk of this part.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part VI - Server Networking</title>
  +<para>Here we deal with setting up mail and other servers (such as SSH, CVS
  +<sect2><title>Part VII - Content Serving</title>
  +<para>In this part we deal with databases and web server software (including
  +<sect2><title>Part VIII - X + Window Managers</title>
  +<para>This part explains how to set up a basic XFree86 installation along
  +with some generic X libraries and Window managers.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part IX - KDE</title>
  +<para>For those who want to use the K Desktop Environment or some parts of
  +it, this part covers it.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part X - Gnome</title>
  +<para>Gnome is the main alternative to KDE in the Desktop Environment arena
  +and we cover both gnome-1.4 and gnome-2.0 here.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part XI - X Software</title>
  +<para>Office programs and graphical web browsers are important to most
  +people.  They, along with some generic X software can be found in this part
  +of the book.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part XII - Multimedia</title>
  +<para>Here we cover setting multimedia libraries and drivers along with some
  +audio, video and CD-writing programs.</para></sect2>
  +<sect2><title>Part XIII - Printing, Scanning and Typesetting</title>
  +<para>The PST part of the book covers things from ghostscript, cups and Docbook 
  +to installing TeX.</para></sect2>
  +<para>The Appendices cover information which doesn't belong in the main
  +book; they are mainly there as a reference.</para></sect2>
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