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Gintautas gmlists at
Sun Aug 25 12:27:28 PDT 2002


> Actually, shouldn't mysql and postgresql share the same startup/shutdown
> numbers in BLFS.  I mean, how *likely* is it that people will run both.

Although I don't see problems with two runlevel scripts sharing a
number, I must note that this assumption is IMHO incorrect. Although
these packages serve the same purpose, they differ in their speed and
capabilities. You should never make a blind choice when possible, why
choose if you can have both?

> The same should probably apply for postfix,qmail,exim,sendmail.

I do agree with you here. I'd consider these packages 'conflicting'
(they will need special configuration to be able to run at the same
time - changing the TCP port, for instance), where mysql and postgresql
are isolated one from the other.

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