BLFS - OpenSSH-3.4p1

larry at bunky.lawrence larry at bunky.lawrence
Thu Aug 1 07:22:58 PDT 2002

 Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 01:55:24AM -0400, Bryan Breen wrote:
> This comment pertains to the information in the BFLS Book for installing
> OpenSSH-3.4p1:
> version 20020730
> Chapter 23: Other Server Software
> In the first code block under "Installation of OpenSSH", the follow command
> is given:
> chmod 755 /var/empty &&
> However, I noticed that during the install of the OpenSSH software (from the
> "make install" command), the following command scrolled by:
> chmod 0700 /var/empty
> This pretty much negates the command that was executed earlier. Is there any
> reason for the conflicting command in the BLFS Book? Or should the "chmod
> 755" command be removed from the BLFS Book?
> - Bryann

It appears that chmod 755 is redundant in two instances.  In a LFS
system, mkdir /var/empty will create the directory with a default of
755, so chmod isn't changing anything, then the make file changes it
to 700.   

It is indeed unnecessary, and I'll remove it from the book.

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