A few points and questions

Paul Campbell paul at cmm.uklinux.net
Sat Sep 29 03:31:19 PDT 2001


I have been waiting patiently for progress, checking in to the CVS book here 
and there, to see how things are going.

I have noticed a lot of the bugzilla stuff being worked on, that appears to 
be superflious to the system, like hdparam and the like.  Things that will 
not be on the mind of someone just finishing the LFS book.

Possible the goal of the book is set too high.  I think you could axe a load 
of stuff for the momment and think carefully about what are the essential 
things that peeps will want in their LFS system as soon as the base is 
finished.  Rather than make the book about *everything* that you may want 
after LFS, I feel the BLFS book can follow the style of the LFS one, if it 
isn't essential, it don't get in.  Make the BLFS book about an extended base 
system with X etc.  Rather than a bulky disrto from the hints.  The later 
making the book much harder to support and maintain or even finish.

Choose what apps make an extended base system, and set a dealine for 
completion of version 1.0, don't try and convert every single hint though, 
they will still be there to use.

The other thing is, can you avoid the non-defacto-standard apps.  I hate the 
hints that say ... ".. everybody uses crond, but we going to tell you how to 
use fcron, or bcron or someother wacy item....)  With fcron I forgive them, 
but NOT djbdns, that apps really winds me up, that daemon tools foo breaks 
with too many traditions and ways of getting things done..  You have to 
create an entirely new way of running daemons, and the compile/install 
proceedure was written by someone who clearly has no regard for linux system 
standards.  Some of the hints also hold too much personal preference rather 
than standard setup advice.

I would like to start helping out, just my Open University term is reaching a 
end and I have an science Exam in two weeks, so it will be after that.  Has 
anyone done samba & nfs?  Or a colour bash prompt?

I hope you dont think I'm being harse, I just feel that there may be too much 
being taken on for a version one effort.  The book needs an set deadline to 
encourage the effort too.

If version one only contains X, KDE Gnome and one or two apps, it will still 
be of good use and valuable to new comers.  Version two can include more and 
so on.....


PS what is the format?  XML I persume, but docbook or what? (I've only just 
started learnig xml, with help from O'Rielly's )

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