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Here are my scripts:

I put them into a tarball.
These are Bash Scripts.
Some may already be in BLFS, I didn't check it.

Some dependencies info :
To have Apache + Php + MySQL, install in the following order :
- GD
- Apache
- Php...

To install Kmago, first install wget.
For Autogen, Guile has to be installed before.
For Cervisia, you have to install CVS befor.

I also wanted to say that Quanta installation doesn't work with LFS-3.0 RC2
because it includes Automake 1.5, and it doens't want a version > 1.4

Here are some short package descriptions and misc infos about them :
- Audiofile : I needed it to install KDE-2.2 (don't remember which module)
- Autoconf : there are 2 versions of it because some packages need Autoconf 
  to compile (LFS has 2.52). V2.52 is here to come back to 2.52. This may 
mess a bit your LFS.
- cdp : to play cd's from command line
- ghostscript : I don't know how to modify files automatically, so I wrote 
what there
  has to be changed to compile it correctly
- gwenview : KDE2 Image Viewer
- Hollywood (Dxr3) + Xine 0.5 : To watch DVDs with Linux. (with Dxr3 card)
- Imwheel : to have mouse scroll work
- Kmago : KDE2 download manager
- KMSN : MSN Messenger client.
- quanta : KDE2 Web site manager and creator
- reportlab : Create PDF Reports using Pyhthon scipts.
- tcsh : another shell
- teTeX : To work with latex files...

Scripts in 'En Test' folder don't work on my system.
Scripts in install04 and install05 are those I install immediately after LFS.
QT-2.3.0, XFree86 4.1.0...

I hope you'll understand what I did as I'm a linux "beginner", and as most of 
my comments are in French
If you have any questions, don't hesitate asking me.

Fabien Steinmetz
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