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Seth W. Klein sklein at mint.net
Thu Sep 6 16:18:07 PDT 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> A long time ago we decided that some re-organization is in order for the
> LFS lists, to take the support questions off this list and move them to
> a dedicated support list, leaving this list free and uncluttered for
> actual book discussion.

Yes! Long and earnestly has the faq maintainer waited :)

> Also, the lfs-apps list will be renamed, now
> that the BLFS (Beyond LFS) project has started, and gained some
> momentum.
> What is planned is the following:
> lfs-discuss will get a sister list called lfs-support
> lfs-discuss will deal with general discussions regarding LFS, and
> lfs-support will deal with "Help I can't get Bash to install" type of
> questions.
> BLFS will follow the same structure, as it's pretty much an LFS
> extension, it has a book that's released, etc, etc.
> So there will be:
> blfs-discuss -  general BLFS discussion (what (not) to add to the
>                 blfs-book and such)
> blfs-support -  help package ABC doesn't work
> blfs-book    -  blfs-book editors list where book bugs are being tracked.
> What will happen with lfs-apps? lfs-apps will be renamed to blfs-support
> and will continue to function in the same way. Help with everything when
> you have finished the lfs-book (how do i install X, my kde doesn't work
> on my LFS system, etc).
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> As always suggestions are welcome. The new list names aren't set in
> stone, they are just names that made most sense to me.

Since you invite comments... :)
(b)lfs-support: This is great. Help when the totally undocumentable
	compile errors hit.
(b)lfs-discuss: I think the name lfs-dev (or lfs-develope) gives
	a more "getting serious work done, not a place for frivolous
	posts" type impression which is what (i think) we want because
	high traffic and noise might turn away serious types of people.

	I know, that does mean renaming lfs-discuss, but i actually
	think that is good because it emphasizes that support and KDE
	posts don't belong there anymore.
(b)lfs-book: A couple things:
	One, this name doesn't make it immediatly clear what the list
	is for. If it's for bugzilla (and maybe cvs commit) notices,
	lfs-status seems a clearer name.
	Two, if we're not sure we'll use these lists wouldn't it
	be better to wait and add them if we experience the need?

Anyway, there's my comments. YOMV. Your Opinion May Vary ;)

Sorry about the crosspost, everyone else is doing it :>

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