LFS Mailing Lists Change

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Sep 6 09:27:11 PDT 2001

Hi guys,

A long time ago we decided that some re-organization is in order for the
LFS lists, to take the support questions off this list and move them to
a dedicated support list, leaving this list free and uncluttered for
actual book discussion. Also, the lfs-apps list will be renamed, now
that the BLFS (Beyond LFS) project has started, and gained some

What is planned is the following:

lfs-discuss will get a sister list called lfs-support

lfs-discuss will deal with general discussions regarding LFS, and
lfs-support will deal with "Help I can't get Bash to install" type of

BLFS will follow the same structure, as it's pretty much an LFS
extension, it has a book that's released, etc, etc.

So there will be:

blfs-discuss -  general BLFS discussion (what (not) to add to the
		blfs-book and such)
blfs-support -  help package ABC doesn't work
blfs-book    -  blfs-book editors list where book bugs are being tracked.

What will happen with lfs-apps? lfs-apps will be renamed to blfs-support
and will continue to function in the same way. Help with everything when
you have finished the lfs-book (how do i install X, my kde doesn't work
on my LFS system, etc).

Note that if the blfs-book doesn't contain some package, it doesn't mean
it can't be discussed. See blfs-support as an off-topic list where you
can deal with any issues relating to your LFS system. Some things will
make it in the blfs-book, some won't (at blfs-discuss's discretion).

Note that the lfs-apps address will remain working, it'll just be aliases 
to blfs-support (you just need to update your mail filter for lfs-apps).

As always suggestions are welcome. The new list names aren't set in
stone, they are just names that made most sense to me. I can see that
people may not like lfs-apps being renamed into blfs-support because it
would feel it's strictly blfs support questions, not all the other off
topic stuff.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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