[Bug 41] New: /etc/skel directory creation

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Wed Sep 5 08:15:01 PDT 2001

> [...] how to use it (useradd -mk I think)

I think -m is all that is required. -k is for when you have a skeleton
dir *other* then /etc/skel (the default) that you want to use

> and
> suggested things
> to put in it.

Here's what's in mine: (w/ comments ;)

.bash_login -> .profile*
.bash_profile -> .profile*
.bashrc -> .profile*

I don't really like this 'cause it's definatly not correct usage of the
files.  I know there is a quite good example of proper usage in the ML
archives, but been to lazy, etc...


This IIRC is for if you use tcsh


Maybe this is a bit overboard for most people.  I like to compile stuff
though sometimes and this makes it quite a bit easier to `make install`
as a regular user

> This will go in in the same section as inputrc
> and .vimrc
> creation etc..

I haven't forgoton about those; just been under deluge of work.

	One thing though is that I've discovered (i think) a bug.  If you use
my .vimrc which enables a statusbar with:

[bufferNum] lines/max  fileName                    charcodes

if you open up a file with a long path that won't fit, it really seems
to hose up the screen display instead of (for example) truncating the
path down to make it fit.  Not sure what's at fault here.  I could be
missing a setting sometwhere to enable truncation, or perhaps the answer
is to display just the filename, not the full path.
	also, I have really not fully understood the inputrc, and that file
definatly affects vim if some setting are off.




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