help wanted for translating a hint into XML

Mark Hymers markh at
Tue Sep 4 15:59:40 PDT 2001

On Tue, 04, Sep, 2001 at 11:07:12PM +0200, Henning Rohde wrote:
> sorry, I meant the command 'yes "" | make pending patches', both times.
> Could you correct it?
Yep.  I've done it.

> The error occured because I had to alter the install-instructions 
> according to the new release (1.2.2 -> 1.2.3). I committed the changes 
> to the iptables-exp.xml, but forgot to update the actual iptables-inst.xml.
> Sorry, won't happen again!	;-)
No problem at all.
> > Other than that - the only thing, which I have to say to the whole list
> > is - can you please wrap lines to 80 characters except in special
> > circumstances.  This can be done in vim by inserting the following in
> > your .vimrc:
> > 
> > set columns=80
> > set wrapmargin=8
> > 
> Hmm, I did it like it was purposely, but if that's unwanted, I will do 
> better for the future.
Yeah - we try to stick to 80 column width because it makes it easier to
edit for the editors.
> Hmm, I would like to ask for suggestions how to transfer the rest of the 
> iptables-hint into BLFS.
> Is there already any outline how the Book could incorporate this topic, 
> the current structure doesn't mention it?
Heh - no sooner said than done!  I was fleshing out the XML today
anyways.  Have a look in Chapter 6.  The relevant xml file is in
If you want to use more than one xml file, then that's fine.  Just let
me know what you want.



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