help wanted for translating a hint into XML

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> > Hi Mark,
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> > Thanks for the help, please have a look at the attachment for my work.
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> > I hope it's not too far from being acceptable,
> > have a nice day,
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The only thing which confuses me is that the command in the installation
section is just make pending-patches while the explanation is for 
yes "" | make pending-patches

which one do you want me to use?

Other than that - the only thing, which I have to say to the whole list
is - can you please wrap lines to 80 characters except in special
circumstances.  This can be done in vim by inserting the following in
your .vimrc:

set columns=80
set wrapmargin=8

I've put the instructions into CVS - they'll be in the HTML version from
the next build (done at about midnight PST IIRC)

Thanks for the help


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