help wanted for translating a hint into XML

Henning Rohde Rohde.Henning at
Tue Sep 4 05:18:06 PDT 2001

Hi Mark,
hi everybody else,

Thanks for the help, please have a look at the attachment for my work.

I hope it's not too far from being acceptable,
have a nice day,


The diff for BLFS/index.xml:
+<!-- I -->
+<!ENTITY iptables SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-intro SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables-intro.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-inst SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables-inst.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-exp SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables-exp.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-config SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables-config.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-desc SYSTEM "packages/i/iptables-desc.xml">
+<!ENTITY iptables-buildsize "approximately 3.0 MB">
+<!ENTITY iptables-version "1.2.3">
+<!ENTITY iptables-download
+<!ENTITY iptables-size "208 KB">

The diff for BLFS/appendixa/appendixa.xml:

-------------- next part --------------
<title>Configuring iptables</title>

<sect3><title>Config files</title>
<para><userinput>List of config files</userinput></para>

<sect3><title>Configuration Information</title>

<para><userinput>USERINPUT GOES HERE</userinput> Blah blah blah about config.


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