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On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 11:33:04PM +0200, Henning Rohde wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> having just releast the version 2.0 of the firewalling-hint I'm finally thinking
> about starting with its translation into XML for BLFS.
> As I'm completely ignorant of both html and xml, I'd really appreciate if
> someone could guide me how to start with the templates.
OK, here's a cut-and-paste of a mail exchanged between Mark and myself. There 
are a couple other packages you'll need to install in addition to CVS if you 
want to be able to render this as HTML and see it in a browser: 

<begin cut-and-paste>
The docbook XML DTD is at
This stuff has to go in /usr/share/docbook

The docbook XML Stylesheet things are at:

Do a tar zxvf on this while in /usr/share/dsssl
You then need to rename the extracted directory to docbook so that the files
end up in /usr/share/dsssl/docbook

I agree the INSTALL instructions are a mess.  After LFS-3.0 is released,
Gerard or myself will get around to changing them I hope.

> Please find attached a slight modification to your newitem script. I think
> it'll be easier for folks to edit one line instead of 6... You might mention
> in the README that this file will need to be changed.
I've checked this in thanks.

</end cut-and-paste>

newitem in the BLFS/template directory is the first thing you'll want to use 
after getting the packages installed. Oh yes, the command in CVS to check out 
the source is 

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at checkout BLFS

The newitem script will have to be edited. Only one item though (you have me 
to thank for that. It was necessary to edit in 6 places before :-) ) -- just 
give it the parent directory to where you've downloaded the BLFS source. 

Next, go to BLFS/packages/i. If this directory doesn't exist, create it. Then 
run newitem from there, as 

../../template/newitem iptables

and it will create all the necessary files for you. I suggest you look at some 
of the other packages that have already been completed as a model for what you 
want to do. XML and HTML are extremely simple, and I'm certain you will figure 
out how to edit the files very quickly. Briefly, they both consist of plain 
text surrounded in places by a pair of "tags" which denote start and end. 
Start tags are just text surrounded by <> characters, and end tags are the 
same text with a "/" in front and surrounded by the same <> characters. It's 
rather simple, really. 

Oh, one more thing you're going to need: openjade. Actually, you don't need 
anything but CVS and the BLFS source until you get ready to generate HTML 
from the XML files and check the work that you've done. 

Why don't you work on this, and let me know if you have questions on it, and 
I'll look up the URL for downloading openjade.

Jeff Bauman
jbauman at

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