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Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Oct 24 14:39:38 PDT 2001

On Wed, 24, Oct, 2001 at 10:27:04PM +0100, Paul Campbell spoke thus..
> Seen a few things I could possible manage to do...
Great ;-)
> First things first, do I just accept the bug and edit the appropriate xml 
> file (from the template)?
Yep - that's basically it..

> Deps.  How strict are we here?  I thought about fetchmail or wvdial, I 
> think that they should compile without anything beyond the LFS base, but 
> you wouldn't get much use out then without pppd and some mail software.  In 
> short, are the depenancies for the build or for use?
The dependencies are for the build.  The install instructions go into Appendix A
then we discuss use of the packages in the appropriate chapter of the
book.  Therefore, there would be no dependencies (as far as I know) for
wvdial or fetchmail (I use both!) but we'd discuss actual *use* of them
(which requires either a network connection or pppd modem stuff) in
Chapter 6 for wvdial and Chapter 8 for fetchmail.

> If I do rattle something out.  Do I enter it into a recent CVS copy, test 
> it works and then ... what? mail it to blfs-book ?
Discussion should be on blfs-dev really (hint hint!) blfs-book is just
normally the list which recieves bugzilla emails... You should submit
contributions to there and CC them to me please so that I definately
don't miss them!  (Yes - I *am* that stupid)
> Thanks for your time, 

> and I'm hoping to give you  some of mine.
> RIGHT xml editor then......
You mean vim surely... The only editor you need..
(/me hides from emacs freak^Wfans!)

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