Right! Okay, .....

Paul Campbell news.spam at cmm.uklinux.net
Wed Oct 24 14:27:04 PDT 2001

I downloaded the CVS copy of the book....
I poked around, looked at the structure and layout....
Played with rendering the book in html...
Checked into bogzilla...
Seen a few things I could possible manage to do...

Now.  Before I run off to the depths of Vim and configure --help, a few 
more questions...

First things first, do I just accept the bug and edit the appropriate xml 
file (from the template)?

Deps.  How strict are we here?  I thought about fetchmail or wvdial, I 
think that they should compile without anything beyond the LFS base, but 
you wouldn't get much use out then without pppd and some mail software.  In 
short, are the depenancies for the build or for use?

If I do rattle something out.  Do I enter it into a recent CVS copy, test 
it works and then ... what? mail it to blfs-book ?

Thanks for your time, and I'm hoping to give you  some of mine.

Oh.  (Not to raise the debate again.) My five shillings worth on what goes 
in a version 1.0, is the contents of my ALFS profiles directory.
(at the minute, this is compiled in chroot and is my "extended workstation 
base")  Folks without network might swap nfs-utils etc. for pppd / wvdial.

I think this sets up quite nicely, I'm using it now.  Built last night. *g* 
 Feel free to parse out the commands.

RIGHT xml editor then......

Paul Campbell
Frankly I can't be arsed.
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