A few points and questions

Jeroen Coumans jeroen_coumans at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 18 23:43:07 PDT 2001

> > Possible the goal of the book is set too high.  I think you could axe a
> > of stuff for the momment and think carefully about what are the
> > things that peeps will want in their LFS system as soon as the base is
> > finished.  Rather than make the book about *everything* that you may
> > after LFS, I feel the BLFS book can follow the style of the LFS one, if
> > isn't essential, it don't get in.
> Hmm - that's difficult.  Who decides what is essential?  For a server,
> sound isn't essential - for a desktop it is.  BLFS isn't supposed to be
> linear - people are meant to use it to guide themselves.
> > Make the BLFS book about an extended base
> > system with X etc.  Rather than a bulky disrto from the hints.  The
> > making the book much harder to support and maintain or even finish.
> I'm looking for a release towards the end of the year.  I know it seems
> a long way away but we ARE writing this book pretty much from scratch (pun
> intended) and it can't be done overnight.

FWIW I'll try to complete the multimedia section next week, after my exams!
Just to let you know I'm still interested in keeping up with BLFS and
looking forward to a release!
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