BLFS Paths

Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Oct 14 15:19:53 PDT 2001

Hi all,

There has been some discussion recently about using /usr for everything
except stuff with a buggerred up install procedure which will go in
/opt.  I think I've been converted to that view recently.  If nobody
objects, I'm going to convert all existing instructions to do this.
I'll give you all a few days to respond with objections to this but if I
hear nothing, I'll assume nobody minds ;-)


PS - Another gentle reminder to anyone who only gets this through the
blfs-book list to *please* subscribe to blfs-dev.  I get the feeling
that some people haven't noticed that list changes we recently made
which means that no discussion (bar horribly technical XML stuff which
affects nobody but the editors) should be on blfs-book - EVERYTHING
should be on blfs-dev.  Cheers

Mark Hymers					 BLFS Editor
markh at
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