A few points and questions

Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 14 06:35:08 PDT 2001

On Wed, 10, Oct, 2001 at 08:40:12PM -0700, Jeff Bauman spoke thus..
> Yes, the BLFS stuff is available anonymously. Once you've completed
> something, you'll need to submit it to Mark. There's a README in CVS
> that explains the programs you'll need, and how to install them, etc.,
> but if you've already done some LFS
> stuff, you probably know all that? I have to admit that I haven't done
> LFS proper, so am guessing a bit here. Last I checked there was one part
> of the README that was incorrect, but that was a while back. Maybe Mark
> can tell us if it got fixed?
Erm.. I haven't changed it.  Gerard maintains those files.  Let me just
check if I have the uptodate version in the BLFS tree...

OK - They weren't up to date but they are now ;-)

> I think you just substitute BLFS for LFS in the cvs command... I would
> look the exact command up for you, but you've got me at a bit of a
> disadvantage right now -- I've just wiped out my RedHat /usr filesystem
> in order to have more room for my LFS system, so I don't have the cvs
> program or man pages installed just now.
something like:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at linuxfromscratch.org:/home/cvsroot
cvs checkout BLFS

should do it

you can then run (keeping CVSROOT set)
cvs update from within the BLFS dir to update when you want to.


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