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Wed Oct 10 20:40:12 PDT 2001

On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 10:47:03PM -0400, Craig M . Reece wrote:
> > Would you be willing to sign on to get these done? There's been precious
> > little in the way of progress here in the past few weeks, and it would be
> > nice to have some folks stepping up to actually crank some of this out.
> > If it's left to just a few of us to get it all done, it's going to be a
> > long while before we see a 1.0 release. And if you're as interested as
> > you seem in seeing these packages included, this will insure that they are.
> Yes, I have CVS access to the LFS stuff. Is that sufficient to touch the BLFS 
> stuff as well?

Yes, the BLFS stuff is available anonymously. Once you've completed
something, you'll need to submit it to Mark. There's a README in CVS
that explains the programs you'll need, and how to install them, etc.,
but if you've already done some LFS
stuff, you probably know all that? I have to admit that I haven't done
LFS proper, so am guessing a bit here. Last I checked there was one part
of the README that was incorrect, but that was a while back. Maybe Mark
can tell us if it got fixed?

I think you just substitute BLFS for LFS in the cvs command... I would
look the exact command up for you, but you've got me at a bit of a
disadvantage right now -- I've just wiped out my RedHat /usr filesystem
in order to have more room for my LFS system, so I don't have the cvs
program or man pages installed just now.
Jeff Bauman
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