A few points and questions

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Wed Oct 10 12:17:30 PDT 2001

> > /opt. Speaking of databases, I would also like to see PostgreSQL
> > included, but not necessarily in 1.0.

Me too :)

> > [...] I think we should standardize on /usr.

I concur

> [...]However, I believe that things that use
> their own hierarchy or are major subsystems in their
> own right (KDE, GNOME, BerkelyDB, mySQL, Apache, etc.)
> should go into their own /opt directory so that their
> hierarchy stays intact and doesn't interfere with anything
> else on the system.

Areed with this also.

> System-wide libraries (more-or-less defined as stuff
> used by more
> than one package) should go into /usr (libxml, libxml2, pcre,
> libogg, etc.).

Yep  :)

> > I think xinetd should be part of 1.0 since it's necessary
> > for so many
> > other things.
> >
> > Traceroute, since it's already done, and is a very handy item when
> > debugging network problems, I believe should be in 1.0.
> >
> I agree.

Me to.

> > Mark, did you come to any opinions on cron versions? I could not get
> > dcron installed here -- it wouldn't compile. Do you know of
> > any tricks that have to be performed to get that to happen?

What about fcron?  I've seen that the author definatly is keeping it
updated pretty frequently.  I think it now even has a "legecy crontab
syntax" support in it

> > Do you think Python and Alsa Sound Support are 1.0 items? From my
> > perspective, I think they could wait.  I also think tcl/tk
> > should be on the list, but not for 1.0.
> >
> > Anyway, that's probably enough to get some discussion started.
> I totally think that Python should be installed... In fact, I think
> it should be installed on a base LFS system. Also,
> tcl/tk/expect should be
> included (and before Python since these need to be there for
> tkinter to
> function :)).

There is a funny dependency with one of tcl/tk and X IIRC.  One of them
requires X to build. but X can be built with built in support of it.
Been a long time since I tried to build tcl/tk so i may be out in left
field.  Yea, Python whould be nice to have, but if it requires too many
things maybe for the 1.2 release?  Alsa can definatly wait IMO.



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