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Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Jul 29 08:03:07 PDT 2001

OK.  Thought I'd send a couple of XML corrections to the list so that
everyone can benefit from them.  These are mainly my fault for not
giving better instructions :-)

You had the install instructions written like this (in

<para><screen><userinput>./configure --prefix=/usr/local &&
                        make &&
                        make install &&

This should be written as:

<para><screen><userinput>./configure --prefix=/usr/local &&</userinput>
<userinput>make &&</userinput>
<userinput>make install &&</userinput>

Note that &'s have to be written as & because in XML, &'s are used
to mark entities etc.
Note also that closing </whatever> tags need to be on the same line as
the text they are closing otherwise we get that horrible bug with some
browsers displaying .'s or boxes in silly places (especially in links
and konqueror-2.1.2)

Also, if there are no explanations (for example in this case).  You
should delete the CDParanoia-exp.xml file and in CDParanoia.xml find:


and remove the line with &CDParanoia-exp; in it.

Finally, you did the following in CDParanoia-intro.xml:
<screen>Download location: &CDParanoia-download;
Version used:                   &CDParanoia-version;release III alpha 9.8
Package size:                   &CDParanoia-size;100k
Estimated Disk space required:  &CDParanoia-buildsize;</screen>

This is definately my fault!  I should have explained that you should
send the information to me by email or something as this goes as
entities into index.xml.  This is done for easy updating.  For instance
if the version and size change but that is all, then a quick edit to
index.xml sorts it out.

So you should leave this section of CDParanoia-intro.xml as:
<screen>Download location:		&CDParanoia-download;
Version used:                   &CDParanoia-version;
Package size:                   &CDParanoia-size;
Estimated Disk space required:  &CDParanoia-buildsize;</screen>

and I'll put the relevant information into index.xml if you email me it.

Oh - and the Disk space required is that which the build tree uses.  So
I simply do a du -h after I have ran make install (while still in the
source tree directory) and write down that figure.

Absolutely finally (!) could people submitting to the book set their
editors to use 80 character lines.  There are occasions where lines >80
characters are needed but they're to do with formatting issues.

I hope this is useful to everyone.  If people have XML questions then
email me and I'll try to answer them.  Maybe I should put an FAQ

Thanks to everyone who is contributing


Mark Hymers					 BLFS Project Leader
markh at

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