BLFS Path issues

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> Hi all,
> Following discussions on irc, the path issue has been thought about
> again.  I've updated the outline document at
> This is NOT the final version - PLEASE COMMENT!
> Thanks
> Mark
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What's the rationale for putting some packages in /usr and others in
/usr/local? Did I miss it or isn't there any yet?
And a note on mplayer and avifile: they both require win32-codecs for
watching avi(divx) and the likes. But they use different packages. I've set
up mplayer's in /usr/lib/win32 and avifile's in /usr/local/lib/win32.
I've got most of the stuff from the multimedia section (libraries, audio,
video) installed, except for ogg-vorbis. I got a compilation error and
couldn't fix it.
If you still need a maintainer for audio & video (haven't seen any messages
volunteering yet), I hereby offer my services, or at least some help, untill
someone more qualified comes allong :)

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