Compile times

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Jul 26 15:35:21 PDT 2001

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> As I said on my earlier post on this subject, We don't need a lot in 
> this area.  Something on the order of:
> Approximate compile time: 24 minutes on  a P3 800MHz ssytem.
> Where the variables are the time, type, and speed, of the sytem.  Of 
> course there are other variables like RAM, disck speed, etc, but I'm 
> not advocating a complete system descriprion.
> Certainly I don't expect you to time everything in the book.  Each 
> contribution can give this data.  Its really as simple as:
> time make
> I'm sure you will have losts of volunteers.
> The relative size of the package size is an indirect measure.  I just 
> feel the time on a specificde system is more direct and useful for the 
> reader.  See my KDE hint for an example.
>   -- Bruce 

Wow.  It was early for me and I was in a hurry.  Sorry for all the 
spelling errors/typos.
  -- Bruce

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