FW: [Bug 12] gpm-1.19.3 (reply from old maintainer)

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu Jul 26 10:02:25 PDT 2001

<mass snippage>

> IMHO, since sed commands are already explained in the lfs book,
> it would make sense to continue using sed commands.  Perl is a
> monster all to itself, and may be a potential can of worms....

> On the other hand, it offers an opportiunity to introduce basic
> perl commands, since we are trying to help people learn their linux..

I will cast my vote for the latter, as long as there's an explanation
somewhere that states somthing to the affect of there is more than one way
to do things so sometimes sed is used and sometimes perl.  I'm sure there
may be other commands that whould have the same type of issue.  Especialy in
this case the syntax is basicly the same the major exception being that perl
does the substitution in place and sed doesn't.  Hmm, that sed usage reminds
me of the use of the "over" command/script I read about a while back.  Over
handles the creation of the temp file and all that IIRC.

Guess that was more like 5 cents worth, oh well...Rambles off....


| Jason at tommyk.com |

> > > >> sed s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c > special.c~ &&
> > > >> mv special.c~ special.c &&

> > > 	perl -p -i -e s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c

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