First set of instructions - please read

Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Jul 25 13:12:35 PDT 2001

Misquoted from Mark Hymers on 2001/07/25 at 13:33 +0000:
> Hi all,
> Don't worry - I'm not going to post this frequently in future :-)
> Right.  I've done the first set of instructions for the book.  They are
> for gpm as it's one of the simplest packages.  Could you all please read
> them at
The format is easy to follow - perhaps because it is so
close to LFS-BOOK.
The style is easy to read with lynx.

There are other ways to skin the rabbit. You can prevent the docs
being rebuilt with:
        touch doc/*
But what you have is just as good.

The init script does not allow all the options I use with gpm:

gpm -m /dev/misc/psaux -t ps2 -a 3 -d 4 -2 -2 -S 'sync:shutdown -r -q now:shutdown -h -q now'

This can be handled with:

        EXTRA="-a 3 -d 4 -2 -2 -S 'sync:shutdown -r -q now:shutdown -h -q now'"
        eval loadproc gpm -m $MDEVICE -t $PROTOCOL "$EXTRA"

(My Boot scripts are very different. I have not checked to see if
loadproc handles quotes correctly)


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