FW: [Bug 12] gpm-1.19.3 (reply from old maintainer)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at highos.com
Thu Jul 26 08:09:24 PDT 2001


On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 11:30:42AM -0400, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> Alessandro suggests a replacment perl command for the sed one also near the
> bottom.  I'll keep you guys posted....

> > It's interesting to hear once again that people is fixing stuff
> > without any coordination with upstream. Actually, that's one of
> > the reasons that made me drop the project.

I find that funny..considering thats what you're trying todo :)

/me doesn't understand some ppl sometimes.

> > >> sed s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c > special.c~ &&
> > >> mv special.c~ special.c &&

> > 	perl -p -i -e s/OPEN_MAX/FOPEN_MAX/ special.c

> Seems like a good replacment to me.

What about consistency? both ways work, but it would be best to be stay
consistent in this matter, imo.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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