Package build times?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Jul 25 21:55:09 PDT 2001

Mark Hymers wrote:

>In the current version, I've put entities in for build times for the
>package.  Thinking again, I'm considering removing these due to the fact
>it means one person has to build everything in BLFS so the times are
>consistantly from one system - while this is reasonable for LFS, I think
>it'd be too much to do for BLFS so unless anyone wants to give a good
>reason why we should keep them - I'll get rid of the entities and
>references tomorrow.
I think the build times are useful as a guide.  Is the build 30 seconds 
or 30 minutes?  You do need to specify the machine.  For instance:

450MHz P3  32:19


1.3GHz Athelon 19.20


Most people can estimate their relative speed from there.

  -- Bruce

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