[Bug 17] lynx-2.8.3

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Wed Jul 25 08:02:33 PDT 2001

> Do we really need lynx and links?  My preference would fall to
> links, better
> frames support...

	One thing I've noticed with Links is that it's buggy sometimes when trying
to download files;  That might be a good reason to keep Lynx around.
Another reason may be Lynx's use in some typsetting/doc conversion scripts.
I'm not sure, does Links support the same text dumping html stripping
ability?  Then there's a third option of w3m.  I haven't used it in quite a
while but that also has table and frame support IIRC.

	An aside:  I've noticed some patches for Links somewhere for adding color
and a few other things.  Has anyone played with these?


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