Package build times?

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Wed Jul 25 07:08:08 PDT 2001

I have looked at the list, as far as mysql goes, it needs to go in before apache, so that php support can be compiled in.  I have a script I use on my servers to automate the download and install mysql, mod_ssl, mod_perl, and apache I'll send your way when I get home.  It can be used/modified/whatever for ideas on configure steps etc.
Ogg Vorbis shouldn't replace mp3, but be installed along side it, too many users will have massive mp3 file libraries(mine numbers about 1700 files taken from my home cd's), unless there is a lossless mp3->ogg converter.

We should include a graphics section with gimp(as mentioned), as well as ImageMagik, maybe an image management program...

Just a few thoughts.

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On Wed, 25, Jul, 2001 at 05:44:30AM -0600, Mike Bedwell wrote:
> If the build times are something you want to keep, I'll build the packages 
> and time them, I'm starting a new LFS anyway, and use most of the packages we 
> have on the buglist so far.
The only problem is - when a new package version comes out, that'd have
to be compiled on the same system...  For something with as much diverse
software in as I hope BLFS will have, I'm not convinced of the value of
build times.

Let's see what other reaction there is.  The offer is definately
appreciated though.

(PS - have you looked at the full list of packages we're planning to use
at ?)


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