BLFS Template Update

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Mon Jul 23 13:21:32 PDT 2001

> > Part VII - Multimedia
> > Multimedia Libraries
> > --> sdl, id3lib, avifile
> > Audio
> > --> xmms
> > --> ??mpg123
> > --> lame
> > --> cdparanoia
> Absolutely.  It should also be installed prior to xmms so the vorbis
> will be built.  Lame shows hints of vorbis support, but it wouldn't build
> me (not sure who to blame).  Oggenc is fine.
> ogg vorbis > *
> > CD-Writing
> > --> mkisofs
> > --> cdrecord (is this the best cd-rec software?)
> Is there an option? Most things are frontends to it.

We could divide all this stuff in console and gui-based. Console:
mplayer, mpg123, cdparanoia and lame/oggenc (I think we should offer both,
since mp3 is still widely used, and we don't wanna start
discussions/flamewars like the vim vs emacs or lilo vs grub debates).
GUI: depending on kde or gnome (or the libraries you've installed).

And a more general question: how is the book supposed to be read? Is it
going to be a roadmap, where you pick the chapters you're interested in? If
that's so, than there's going to be a lot of dependency problems. There
should definitely be a section with a list of software and dependency's. I'm
compiling a new lfs-system now, so I'm gonna keep track of all packages and
write logs and stuff and send m in.

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